September 1, 2016 Rob Ditona

Ambient Drone Pad Resource

Hey everyone! For the month of September I’m going to be working on ambient drone pads for you. The ambient drone pads will be available on all 12 keys, will be 8 minutes long and will be available in .mp3 format. In addition, it will be absolutely free for you to download.

Before you can utilize my free resource I would ask that you do a few things.

1) Message me with your email address requesting the resource on my website or any of my social media platforms.

2) Spread the word of the free resource by telling your worship leader/worship musician friends.

3) Share your thoughts/opinions of my resource on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I hope you take advantage of this resource because it’s absolutely free and it can be used to enhance the worship experience at your church with a full sounding pad. I hope that you and your worship ministry are blessed by it.

Downloads will be available by September 18th.