I am follower of Jesus, a husband, a father, a son, a singer, a musician, a writer, a seeker of truth.

My name is Rob Ditona and I am a worship leader residing in Bakersfield, California. I currently serve as one of the worship leaders at Canyon Hills Church. I’m also one of the lead electric guitarists for Upper Room Music. Having been in music ministry for over 15 years and being influenced with traditional and contemporary worship, I have come to believe wholeheartedly in ushering the people of God into His presence and challenging others who are in search for something deeper by stepping into God’s courts with praise through song. I have been blessed to witness the great benefit of powerful praise and worship and I believe my music and lyrics can be defined by Psalm 66:2 “Sing the glory of His name; give to him glorious praise”.

I cordially invite you to follow me in my endeavors as a follower of Jesus, a husband, musician, a worshiper and teacher as I share my experiences. I pray that what I share will be a blessing and encouragement to your life overall.