Just stay calm and keep going on [Advice for guitarists]

Last night at the Movement I had the opportunity to lead students in praise and worship. The first two songs were amazing. There was a lot of movement and screaming. Everything was going well until our fourth song on the setlist.

Now a few months ago, one of my good buddies @Russ Sedam [amazing guitarist] told me he always brings a spare guitar to gigs just in case something happens. After thinking it through on the way home from work yesterday, I realized I needed to bring an extra guitar just in case. His wise words were ringing in my head before, during, and after worship time. The reason being is that I broke my “B” string during our fourth song in the setlist. Thank God I had my Gretsch with me and ready to go. In the back of my mind was “just stay calm and keep going”. To my surprise, when I asked my friends about what happened, they didn’t even realize what went on between Dancing Generation and For the Lord is Good.

Some advice for guitarists [especially the singing ones]

1) Be prepared for anything…I mean anything!

2) Always tune your guitar.

3) Bring extra strings and if possible an extra guitar

-Have it tuned and ready to swap.

4) If a string breaks, especially for singing guitarists, stay calm and collected.

5) Immediately swap out your guitars

– I wish I had a guitar tech (wishing).

6) Have your vocalists and musicians keep vamping while you tune

– [yes, tune!]

7) Finally, get back to work!

Learn it, live it, love it – always be prepared and ready to serve!