“Far more than playing”

I believe with all of my heart that the worship leader role is not just for any Christian musician or singer. They are literally a shepherd of the flock on stage. They must maintain a certain attitude regardless of the situation.

For an upcoming event, I have learned about the necessity to be more spiritually ready than musically ready. I know that we are to be skilled in our instrument to be bring an excellence to the King, but I also know that the Lord is seeking worshipers who worship Him in spirit and in truth. Our ability to play an instrument should never exceed our responsibility as a servant of Christ.

From my observations of personal instances and other activities, I have encountered an imbalance of ability and responsibility. Many musicians in worship bands mainly focus on standing out rather than standing within the context of the band. Recently, I saw a worship leader video by Paul Baloche and his musicians [very professional ones to be exact] all encouraged musicians and singers to be simple. They understood the desire to play out sometimes, but as John Piper stated, “If any part of worship points back to US, it’s no longer worship.”

May our endeavors as musicians for the cause of Christ go beyond what we can do. Our goal must be to assist in creating the atmosphere fertile for an intimate encounter with the Lord and His people and not about us and our music.