A Thought On Soundcheck Etiquette

Disclaimer:  If you’re offended with what I write, don’t be.  The purpose is to get musicians to be more considerate.  Sadly, even Christian musicians do this.  It’s ultimately disrespectful to the soundtech and the musician soundchecking.  Get over yourself and realize that you’ll get your turn too.

Sometimes soundchecks end up making you feel like you’re at a busy Guitar Center.   It is so annoying when you’re soundchecking and every single musician in the band wants to show off the latest lick, fill, or vocal run they learned.  It honestly ends up wasting time.  If the sound engineer tells you to stop playing, please have the decency to listen because you’re cutting into precious time.  I’m not a sound engineer, but I’m always looking out to make sure sound is taken care of.

Additionally, for the Christian musician, please play something that will give the sound engineer an example of what you’ll be playing for the event. Give the sound engineer your max volume, so they can factor that into their FOH mix.

Overall, this is to make the experience of the event less hectic and more productive.