After putting the kids to bed last night, my wife and I stayed up a little to talk about all of the situations that have led us to where we¬† are now. We spoke about the struggles of change and separation from what we were so accustomed to and how, by faith, we followed the direction of God. I brought up the story of how Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and through his faithfulness to God became second in command to Pharaoh in Egypt. This eventually would lead to the reconciliation of his whole family. His story consisted of betrayal, false accusation and many other things against him, but Joseph remained faithful to God and God honored that. There are numerous stories in the Bible that showed the God-honoring faithfulness of his people and God’s faithfulness to them in return. I see myself, my wife and our two little children just like some of those people in the Bible. Although we serve in a small capacity in our church, the faithfulness we show unto God translates into an unfathomable affect towards the people we meet and serve. The faithfulness I’m talking about encompasses every aspect of our lives – family, friends, finances, etc. Yes, we fail and yes we fall, but at the very end of it all, we remain faithful to God for he continues to be faithful. Don’t get me wrong, life does get difficult and tiring and I honestly don’t think I’ve suffered like some others, but I can directly correlate being saved from all of that suffering because of the continual faithfulness directed toward the God of the universe, the God of my family and the God of my own life. I pray that you continue in your walk in the Lord even when it hurts like “heck” [United reference] and even though you struggle, success is just beyond the horizon, but that success is solely from the Lord. Seek his kingdom first and he will get you through the struggles and into successes!